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Ice dance

ice dancing

ISI Ice Dance Structure
The international Ice Skating Institute has established a skills level structure especially for ice dance. As skaters progress through each level, they refine their skills as well as their appreciation for the beauty and challenge of this sport.

Ice dancing requires a wonderful combination of grace and form, skating skills, and musical appreciation. Tempo, lilt, patterns, flow, footwork, posture, edging, expression, partnering, etc., are essential elements of ice dancing. It's also a low-impact alternative for those who wish to improve their skating skills without jumping

Dance 1 Forward Chasses
Forward Progressives
Dance 2 Forward Swing Rolls
Dutch Waltz
Dance 3 Canasta Tango
Rhythm Blues
Dance 4 Swing Dance
Cha Cha
Fiesta Tango
Dance 5

Hickory Hoedown
Willow Waltz
Ten Fox

Dance 6 Fourteenstep
Dance 7 American Waltz
Rocker Foxtrot
Dance 8 Kilian
Dance 9 Paso Doble
Starlight Waltz
Dance 10 Westminster Waltz
Argentine Tango
Viennese Waltz


Ice Dancing Classes
Please see our Advanced Skating brochure.