Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee

Julia Hardin

Skating Director

Basics, Dance, Freestyle, Pairs, Synchronized

Julia Hardin was among Robert Unger's first students at the Ice Chalet. Skating was sidelined while she earned her law degree and served as associate dean at UT College of Law and later as director of a national citizenship education program at Wake Forest University. Julia taught skating in Winston-Salem NC before returning to Knoxville and her home rink in 1999.

She is an ISI Gold-level judge, Synchro-certified judge, certified Referee, and certified Skating Director. Julia is also certified as a skating instructor at both the Core (Tots through Delta) and Intermediate (Freestyle 1-5) levels in the Ice Sports Industry's Instructor Training Program. She is a member of both United States Figure Skating (USFS) and the Ice Sports Industry (ISI). She has also passed the USFS Core Coach Certification, is a member of Coach I.C.E., and is a certified Group Class Instructor in ISI.  In addition to being an attorney, Julia owns a graphics design and consulting business, and a flexible schedule allows her to pursue her passion for skating.

Julia with Mr. Unger circa 1966