Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee

Kassandra Hazard

kassandra hazard

Basics, Dance, Freestyle, Pairs, Moves-in-the-Field

Kassandra Hazard began skating at the Ice Chalet at the age of 12, and was determined to catch up for her late start. She is an accomplished ice dancer, and she quickly climbed the ladders of both the ISI and the USFS skill sets. She is the 2007 USFS Junior National Championship Bronze Medalist in Intermediate Dance. In ISI, she passed her Dance 10 test with her ice dance instructor, Larry LaBorde.

Kassandra is an ISI Gold-level certified judge. Kassie also earned gold medals in the USFS Ice Dance and Moves-in-the-Field testing programs. She also passed Intermediate Free Skating in the USFS system. She loves to work on dance, pairs, couples, figures, and freestyle, and she enjoys performing on ice. She welcomes working with young, energetic skating hopefuls. She toured for two and a half years with Disney On Ice and has performed with The Ice Theatre of New York and Illusions On Ice. In 2013, she and her partner Mykhailo Kasalo performed as a principal pair for the Royal Caribbean cruise line. She recently skated with partner David Tankersley in the Smoky Mountain Opry's Christmas show.

Kassandra Hazard - Explorer of the Seas Show