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Robert Unger Team Wins 2004 Lake Placid ISI Competition

A team of 29 skaters representing the Ice Chalet of Knoxville won the 2004 Lake Placid Skating Competition January 9-11, 2004 at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York. They defeated 27 other teams from Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Lake Placid Champions!
Front row, L-R: Hannah Daniel-Beck, Snigdha Dhar, Kaleigh Lain Second row, L-R: Arianna McElyea, Gloria Yu, Olga Lysych, Sarah Feng, Catie Cole, Kassie Hazard, Kara McCurry, Kate Webb Back row, L-R: Coach Shawnda Ernst, coach Larry LaBorde, Ryan Lain, Leah Grossart, Katie Owens, Lisa LaViers, Drew McElyea (holding trophy), Maggie Sewell, Elisa Platillero, Jessica Marshall, Tori Gibbs, coach Michelle Sheppard, coach Angie Skremsky. Not pictured: Paige Berry, Julia Hardin, Cherilynn Harris, Mitchel Lollis, Melanie Rankin, Amanda Shell, Will Tate, Aryelle Westerhouse.

Comprised of students in the Robert Unger School of Ice Skating and led by head coach Larry LaBorde, the skaters from Tennessee won 58 gold medals, 30 silver, and 21 bronze medals, as well as many fourth and fifth-place ribbons. They competed in several different categories, such as Freestyle, Footwork, Artistic, Spotlight, Interpretive, Pairs, Couples, Compulsory Maneuvers, Comedy Team, and Dance. The Synchronized skating teams were called the Robert Unger Starlettes (Senior Youth) and the Shooting Stars (Teen).

The Unger team dominated the ice dancing events. They also performed exceptionally well in the footwork events, sweeping first through fourth place in one flight. What makes their win all the more remarkable is that there were so many competitors, many of whom did not place at all in their events.

The team also survived temperatures that rarely rose above the zero mark at the remote mountain resort, and frozen brakes on the team bus delayed their jubilant return on Monday. Winning the team trophy made everything else seem insignificant!

The team and their results:

Paige Berry, 14, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 2 silver; 3 bronze
Catie Cole, 10, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 2 silver; 1 bronze
Hannah Daniel-Beck, 13, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 2 silver; 1 bronze; 1 fourth
Snigdha Dhar, 14, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 1 silver; 4 bronze
Sarah Feng, 11, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 1 silver; 2 bronze; 2 fourth
Tori Gibbs, 12, of Knoxville* 3 gold; 1 silver; 2 bronze; 1 fourth; 2 fifth
Leah Grossart, 13, of Knoxville* 4 gold; 1 silver; 1 bronze; 1 fifth
Julia Hardin, Adult, of Knoxville 2 gold
Cherilynn Harris, 13, of Knoxville* 2 gold; 1 silver; 4 bronze; 1 fourth; 1 fifth
Kassie Hazard, 12, of Sevierville* 7 gold; 1 silver; 3 bronze
Kaleigh Lain, 8, of Knoxville 1 gold; 1 silver; 1 fourth
Ryan Lain, 14, of Knoxville 3 gold
Lisa LaViers, 14, of Strawberry Plains* 2 gold; 3 silver; 3 bronze; 1 fifth
A. Mitchel Lollis, III, 7, of Briceville 1 gold; 1 bronze; 1 fourth
Olga Lysych, 11, of Knoxville* 2 silver; 1 bronze
Jessica Marshall, 18, of Clinton 7 gold
Kara McCurry, 16, of Louisville 3 gold; 1 silver
Arianna McElyea, 9, of Knoxville* 2 gold; 2 bronze; 2 fourth
Drew McElyea, 18, of Knoxville 4 gold
Katie Owens, 15, of Knoxville* 4 gold; 2 silver; 2 bronze; 1 fourth
Elisa Platillero, 13, of Knoxville* 4 gold; 2 silver; 3 bronze
Melanie Rankin, 13, of Friendsville* 1 bronze
Maggie Sewell, 13, of Knoxville* 2 silver; 1 bronze; 3 fourth; 1 fifth
Amanda Shell, 15, of Knoxville* 1 gold; 3 silver; 1 bronze
Angie Skremsky, Adult, of Knoxville 1 gold
Will Tate, 11, of Knoxville 4 gold; 1 bronze
Kate Webb, 18, of Maryville 5 gold; 1 silver
Aryelle Westerhouse, 12, of Briceville 2 gold; 1 silver
Gloria Yu, 8, of Knoxville 2 gold; 1 silver

*Members of the Synchronized Skating and Formation Teams

Congratulations, team!



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