Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee


First Place team Robert Unger

Members of the 2003 Robert Unger Team

Robert Unger Team Wins 34th Annual
Mississippi Valley District
Figure Skating Competition
March 28-30, 2003
Knoxville, Tennessee

The Robert Unger School of Ice Skating won first place in the recent 34th Annual Mississippi Valley District Team Competition held at the Ice Chalet in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Twelve figure skating teams from around the Southeast, including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas, competed in this three-day event. This is the world's oldest recreational figure skating competition held under the auspices of the international Ice Skating Institute.

This is a team event, where each placement is assigned a point value, and the team with the highest placements in the most events wins. Skaters competed in several different categories, including Freestyle events (based on skating level), Ice Dancing, Footwork, Stroking, Spotlight, Artistic, and Synchronized Skating. There was even a competition between adult skating teams -- the Moms On Ice and One Pop (Alpine Ice Arena, Louisville KY) and the Wondering, Wandering Stars (Robert Unger School, Knoxville TN).

Second place honors went to the Wilcoxon Ice Complex of Hunstville, Alabama, and the Owensboro Ice Arena of Owensboro, Kentucky won third place. A special Sportsmanship Trophy was presented to the team from the Point Mallard Ice Rink in Decatur, Alabama.

Shawnda and skater hold the first place trophy

Above: A skater from the Wilcoxon Ice Complex accepts their Second Place Trophy (1st Place Out of Town Trophy) from Competition Director Shawnda Ernst

Coach accepting third place trophy

Above: Coach Kerry Bodenheimer accepts the Third Place Trophy for the Owensboro Ice Arena


Point Mallard coach accepting sportsmanship trophy

Coach Charles Bernhard IV receives the Sportsmanship Trophy on behalf of Point Mallard Ice Rink.

Sharon Hazard of Townsend, mother of skater Kassie Hazard, was presented with a special gold medal for her substantial contributions as a volunteer, especially with props and costumes for various competitors.

Sharon Hazard posing with Shawnd after accepting an award

Above: Sharon Hazard receives a special gold medal.

The Robert Unger team is composed of skaters aged 4 to 64 from towns throughout East Tennessee. They are listed in alphabetical order below:

  • Carrie Adrian
  • Emily Allen
  • Serena Allen
  • Beth Anderson
  • Lynne Attaway
  • Christie Barker
  • Hannah Daniel-Beck
  • Alexandra Bernard
  • Paige Berry
  • Emma Black
  • Adam Blake
  • Austin Blake
  • Laurel Brunell
  • Michael Burse
  • Savannah Cameron
  • Susie Clark
  • Katie Colbert
  • Catie Cole
  • Sara Cornwell
  • Melin Craze
  • Hannah Cunningham
  • Snigdha Dhar
  • Donnie Ernst
  • Annie Freeland
  • Chrissy Freeland
  • Sophia Fu
  • Tori Gibbs
  • Tara Gilbreath
  • James Gingrow
  • Leah Grossart
  • Talor Hampton
  • Julia Hardin
  • Cherilynn Harris
  • Kassie Hazard
  • Heidi Hunt
  • Alyssa Huskey
  • Nick Kohut
  • Andrey Kyselov
  • Angie LaBorde
  • Larry LaBorde
  • Ted Labotka
  • Lisa LaViers
  • Kaleigh Lain
  • Ryan Lain
  • Andrew Lavrik
  • Breana Leader
  • Brendan Leader
  • Mitchell Lollis
  • Olga Lysych
  • Jessica Marshall
  • Kara McCurry
  • Arianna McElyea
  • Drew McElyea
  • Tim MacKenzie
  • Annslea McGuire
  • Danielle Midkiff
  • Christa Moser
  • Jessie Neal
  • Katie Owens
  • Natalie Pickering
  • Patrick Pickering
  • Thomas Pickering
  • Melanie Rankin
  • Elizabeth Rghebi
  • Maggie Sewell
  • Benjamin Shaffer
  • Amanda Shell
  • Michelle Sheppard
  • Hannah Simpson
  • Rick Simpson
  • Sharon Simpson
  • Lauren Swientoniewski
  • Will Tate
  • Lindsay Tom
  • Brett Vandygriff
  • Rebecca Varnon
  • Sarah Waugh
  • Kate Webb
  • Aryelle Westerhouse
  • Courtney Weymouth
  • Katie Wigginton
  • Carlina Yu
  • Gloria Yu
  • Conny Zhao
1st Place Robert Unger School of Ice Skating
Knoxville TN
2nd Place Wilcoxon Ice Complex
Huntsville AL
3rd Place Owensboro Ice Arena
Owensboro KY
4th Place Polardome World On Ice
Marietta GA
5th Place Centennial Sportsplex
Nashville TN
6th Place Ober Gatlinburg
Gatlinburg TN
7th Place
and Winner of
Sportsmanship Trophy
Point Mallard Ice Rink
Decatur AL
8th Place The Cooler
Alpharetta GA
9th Place Lexington Ice Arena
Lexington KY
10th Place Double K Skating School of Excellence
11th Place Middle Georgia Figure Skating Club
Southlake Ice Forum
Macon GA
12th Place Alpine Ice Arena
Louisville KY