Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee

Nutcracker On Ice 2003 Photos

Thanks to Mitzi Platillero for many of these photos.

The prince and princessfour skaters posing as Chinese people

One pair of adult waltzers and one pair of kid waltzersAn arabian skaterSkater wearing the nutcracker costume

Claire showing her doll to a group of children

Three lines of skaters dressed as carolers with their arms oustretched and touching each other's shoulder

Skaters in snowflake costumes lined up behind a group of skaters in rat costumes A skater dressed as a clown

Waltzers skating in pairs in a line, with their hands linked together and arms raised to make an arch

A photo of part of the cast

A doll sitting on the ice in a v with her arms stiffly raised, with 2 other party goers standing behind her.  One of the party goers, a women, has her hands clasped in amazement dThe maids in action with their dusters

One skater dressed as an ice crystal posing with her arm above her head A child skater in her dress for the partyA jester sitting down on the ice posed with her arm above her head

A collage of photos from the performance of skaters in their costumes

Four spanish dancers starting the number with their fans in front of their faces, with a cloud of smoke at their feet

Clara and Fritz fight over the doll while a group of children stand behind and watch.  An adult skater is close to Clara and Fritz. A skater dressed as a russian dancer


Several snowflake skaters posing in a semi circle, with their arms reaching above their head

Several snowflake skaters on their knee in a row

Five arabian dancers

Cherilyn and Elisa posing as ice crystals A group of jesters skating with children from the party

Children who were at the party bowing at the endGraduating skaters receive their roses2 adult waltzers stand on the ice watching the party

Collage of selected photos from nutcracker

Collage of selected scenes from Nutrcracker


Some of the cast standing around the party table

6 ice crystals lined up in front of the tree

Adult skaters taking their bows in a line, linked together by holding their hands

The entire cast photo