Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee


Performance Camp and Live Auditions at the Ice Chalet

Producers from Feld Entertainment (Disney On Ice), Willy Bietak Productions, Advanced Entertainment Group, and other shows hold auditions at the Ice Chalet during a two-day event sponsored by ProSkaters, an organization dedicated to helping skaters develop their professional careers.






Pictured left, Richard Dwyer "Mr Debonair" with his ladies, Jaclyn Lake, Laurel Brunell, Kime Verde, and Alyson Wellman



Skaters from as far away as Rhode Island, Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Washington state, as well as several skaters from the Southeast, participated in the 2013 performance camp sessions prior to the auditions. They also participated in a show at the conclusion of the performance camp. The show featured a special performance by "Mr. Debonair," Richard Dwyer, and his ladies. More information about this amazing gentleman, who can still land an axel with ease at age 77, is available online: