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Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville

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The Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville
A Not-for-Profit Organization Founded IN 2003


The mission of the Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville is to support and develop amateur skating by providing educational programs and opportunities that will help skaters achieve their goals in a safe and healthy environment in accordance with the policies of the Ice Sports Industry. The Club will promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, self-esteem, confidence, fun, and physical fitness. The Club will encourage full participation in the sport of skating by all persons regardless of disability, race, religion, creed, ethnic origin, age, or gender.

...Provide annual scholarships to assist skaters based on either academic achievement, skating skill and potential, or need, or a combination of these factors.
...Provide annual sportsmanship and skating excellence awards to deserving skaters.
...Cooperate with the Ice Chalet management regarding rules and policies designed to promote a safe and healthy environment for skaters.
...Raise funds to help sponsor club sessions, shows, exhibitions, competitions, and special events.
...Raise funds to help cover expenses for out-of-town competitions.
...Promote the public’s appreciation for and knowledge of the sport of ice skating.
...Cooperate with the Ice Chalet management and staff as needed to achieve these goals.

Membership Brochure (PDF format)

Membership Costs and Requirements:

$ 55.00 with no volunteer hours
$ 30.00 with minimum of 10 volunteer hours

Enables all members of your family to
receive membership benefits.
$ 75.00 with no volunteer hours
$ 35.00 with minimum of 10 volunteer hours

“Volunteer hours” can include your time,
providing food, setting up, making posters, etc.
- Volunteer for “Major Events”
- Participate in Café Chalet rotations
- Volunteer for Membership Drive

“Major Events” include Nutcracker On Ice,
the RU Competition, Skating with the Stars, and the Halloween Party, among others.

Membership Type
Member Name/s

Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville
100 Lebanon Street
Knoxville TN 37919



Membership Benefits:

New: 20% Off Blade Sharpening Pass!

$ 10.00 off first Test Session each year;
$ 5.00 off all others for one year.
Note: Basic level test sessions are free.

$ 2.00 Discount on Public Session Admission

$100.00 towards expenses for one Out-of-Town Competition each year*
(Club chooses the competition);
Non-members receive $ 25.00*

Discounts on many Ice Chalet and
Club Events

Free entries in all team events for
all Competitions chosen by the Club*

20% off all Pro Shop items bearing
the Ice Chalet logo

*These benefits are contingent upon available funds.