Robert Unger becomes the head pro

Knoxville Ice Skating Club established by George Sadowski and Caryl Sundland.

Robert Unger, native of Nuremburg, Germany, ended an eight-year tour as a principal skater with “Holiday On Ice” to become the head pro at the Ice Chalet.  He had been injured performing a lift and decided to start his new career here in Knoxville.  The Robert Unger School of Ice Skating (“Schule für Eiskunstlaufen” which literally means “School for Figure Skating”) was established in Knoxville and later in Huntsville, Alabama as well.

Three chimps from the Tennessee Valley Fair, Cindy, Susie, and Enoch, took lessons from Mr. Unger to learn to skate for an ice show in England.

Mr. Unger helped establish the testing standards of the Ice Skating Institute of America.




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